SAK is a Kuwait-based closed shareholding company operating since the early 80s, under its portfolio, it includes a diverse group of companies. With over forty years of experience in successfully executing projects within the public and private sector. Since our commencement we have proudly served our clients within Kuwait and beyond its shores. Our company specializes in the fields of Construction, Building Materials as well as Real Estate and Financial Investment Services.

Our Business Sectors

Sadeem Al-Kuwait

Since its establishment in 1985, Sadeem Al-Kuwait Company has grown and developed to become one of the leading construction companies in Kuwait. Sadeem Al Kuwait offers the best-integrated services to support all construction works at competitive prices. The Central Agency for Public Tenders ranks Sadeem Al-Kuwait as the first in its the construction sector and the 4th in the electricity and air conditioning sector. Its infrastructural works take part in major projects within and beyond Kuwait.

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SAK Engineering

SAK Engineering Company was established in 2000, Classified by the Central Agency for Public Tenders as “Second Class to our construction division”. This division mainly specializes in engineering services and integrated facilities maintenance.

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Sadeem Marble

Sadeem Marble company provides a wide range of standard quality marble materials exported across the globe. Our best-quality marble materials are specially designed by the best engineering team and sold at affordable prices.

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SAK Real Estate

The real estate investment division of the SAK group involves continuously developing real estate portfolios which is that are being managed by the best technical professionals in the country specialized in real estate development.

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Sadeem Building Materials

The Sadeem Company is a UAE-Based company for Building Materials. It was established in 1981 as an authorized wholesaler and retail distributor in the Middle East and North Africa for trading tools and protection equipment such as cutting machines, raw keys, doors, and cabinet accessories of international companies like SILCA in Italy, ABUS in Germany, and MASTER LOCK in France.

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SAK Capital

SAK Capital was legally established in 1982 and is our group’s investment division and interface in Kuwait and The Arabian Gulf financial markets. The company’s growth has since evolved and is currently specialized in investment. The company owns large shares in investment companies and various economic sectors to serve the group and continue its journey towards maximizing its assets under management.

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