• Status
  • Under Construction
  • Company
  • Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC)
  • Sector
  • Sadeem Al-Kuwait
  • Duration
  • 18 Months

project scope

The works comprise Engineering, site survey, procurement and supply of all materials, construction with associated equipment and plants, inspection, testing and commissioning.

The scope of Works includes the following:

  1. demolishing of the Existing Buildings, lifting, and clearing the site from debris, asphalt, trees …etc and getting rid of construction leftovers
  2. Excavation, Shoring and dewatering of underground water.
  3. Constructing the infrastructure services and networks.
  4. Constructing the Concrete Skeleton for all the buildings within the scope of works.
  5. Façade works including Curtain Walls cladding the external walls with ceramic.
  6. Interior finishing for Ceiling, Floors and Walls for offices, passages and lobbies, water cycles, kids areas, gym and spa areas ...etc.
  7. Elevators installation and finishing works.
  8. Construction and Finishing works for Internal and External multipurpose Swimming Pools.
  9. Construction of Cabanas to serve the participants and visitors along the East and West coast lines.
  10. Construction of Shaded parking areas to accommodate and serve the participants and visitors.
  11. Installation of Electromechanical and controlling for all buildings including Fire Fighting protection works, Drainage system, Stormwater draining, Heating, Ventilation and Central Air conditioning system, Lightning Protection and Smart Controlling system.
  12. Soft and Hard Landscaping and external works including planting and constructing multipurpose sports court.
  13. Construction of break waters and sandy shore to be well equipped for beach sports, swimming, and leisure.


The NEW RAS ALARDAH Club Project locates in Salmiya, Kuwait at the tip of the Arabian Gulf. The Main objective from constructing the project is to serve the touristic interface of the prestigious Kuwait Country. The project covers an area of approximately 35,265 square meters and would establish to be an integrated facility that contains recreational and sports activities that meet the needs of participants from different ages all year round. The project comprises Internal and External multipurpose swimming pools, Kids Clubs, many restaurants and caffes, Gym and Spa, Electronic Games halls, Retail Shops, Salons and barbers beside multipurpose courts, cabanas, and shaded parking areas.

The Project consists of many buildings and services under construction to be as follow:

  1. The Mian Club House building (Zone 1, 2 and 3) consist of Ground Floor, First Floor, Roof floor.
  2. Main support Building consist of Ground Floor, First Floor, Roof floor.
  3. Central Plant to control the electromechanical services for the whole buildings.
  4. Guard House
  5. Multi-Purpose Sports court
  6. Cabanas along the coast lines on both East and West directions.
  7. Chlorine storeroom
  8. Internal and External multipurpose Swimming Pools
  9. Shaded Car parking
  10. Soft and Hard Landscaping area: the external works surrounding the complex building include open parking areas, paving, planting areas and the like.
  11. Construction of break waters and beach nourishment.